Monday, 21 February 2011

Hey thats my idea !

...An evolutionary evaluation of memetic convergence

The Eye 

The eye is a window to the soul. but perhaps more impressive is the eyes ubiquitous role in biological evolution.

perceiving our environment as a stream of sound and touch could never reveal our world with the clarity of sight.

The eye is so well suited to providing relevant information that nearly every form of life in our macroscopic world has one... or more, some have thousands ! .

The eye is a tool of survival for living systems, it perceives the world in its exact current state by using the only particles which moves at the at the speed of time, that is Light.

The eye is complex and plays a highly specific role, yet it has evolved ..INDEPENDENTLY.. more then TWENTY times.

The Idea

The idea is a pure unit of information and the sole product of cognition, perhaps most impressive is the behavior an idea can illicit in an individual or much more dangerously, in an entire population.

Compressing the world around us into a pronounceable form has been one of mans greatest footholds in "the idea about the game of survival" which is pronounced life.

Ideas can be as complex as anything that's ever been thought and play a highly specific role in the formation and communication of behavior,  yet every single day; the world across identical idea's manifest ..INDEPENDENTLY.

The ideas which illicit excitement in those who conceive them are symbolized by a source of light, and just like the design of the ubiquitous light detecting eye; these ideas can be converged upon multiple times truly-independently.

Memetic convergence is a process capable of producing identical yet independent intellectual material.

The oncoming age of information-centric-economics may truly see the end of all our ideals surrounding intellectual ownership.

Thank you very much.


  1. nothing is original anyways :D

  2. Something must have been to start with, AT somepoint!

  3. Really clever, looking forward to other posts! :D

  4. interesting, thanks for this post

  5. Thats some intellectual stuff you posted..mind dumbing it down for your next blog? lol following to see more!

  6. Whoah...deep stuff here. New follower

  7. The eyes have about half of the nerve terminations of our body. That is why blind people can feel things much better.

  8. that is amazingly well worded. an interesting read too. keep it up. :D

  9. Human evolution is indeed an amazing process.

  10. wow this is interesting stuff man
    keep up the good work!

  11. interesting explanation. great blog.

  12. Sadly ideas are limited by the boundaries of words :)

  13. Very interesting points here man.
    And very deep.
    Thankyou :)

  14. This is so true. After reading many great writers, it seems the same concepts are simply repeated in different words and situations. As it's said - "there is nothing new under the sun."


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